Vienna single door mirrored cabinet

Using 3 hinges maximum weight is 120lbs and 30" maximum width.

Vienna single door mirrored cabinet

We know space is often at a premium, especially in bathrooms, and that’s why our range focuses strongly on maximising storage whilst minimising the spatial footprint.Using 3 hinges maximum weight is 120lbs and 32" maximum width.Weight rating using 1/2" glass; using 2 hinges maximum weight is 80lbs and 26" maximum width.With this in mind, our range is varied in style, thus enabling us to cater to your requirements, no matter how niche they are.Our collection incorporates cabinets with a single door all the way to three; in white, black, wood and stainless steel finishes to compliment the theme of your room.

Vienna single door mirrored cabinet

Its important to look at the number of shelves and if they are adjustable.A huge storage space is pretty worthless unless the internal layout of the shelves allows you to make use of it.This can be an area where some suppliers cut costs, make sure you don't get caught out. These are clearly useful but again can be an expensive waste of money if you are not actually going to use them. Vienna single door mirrored cabinet-19Vienna single door mirrored cabinet-81Vienna single door mirrored cabinet-90 However, most people find that they get used more than they thought and turn into a must have essential feature.Can be used in conjunction with from the stone grey Vienna range of modular bathroom furniture.

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Thanks to our parent company Grafton Group PLC, we can provide the highest quality bathroom cabinets and other storage components for a fraction of the regular retail price.

This ensures that the budget you’ve set yourself can be fully utilised without wasting an extortionate amount of money on sub-par items that will likely not meet your standards or requirements.

Bathroom cabinets are an essential piece of storage furniture in the bathroom.

Everyone knows how tight space can be in the bathroom and due to this you're forever trying to make more of it to store your essentials.

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