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By contrast, it reacts violently and exothermically with Thatcherism in a process that normally utilises a catalyst of alcohol and nostalgia.Asked about this on Kilroy’s chat show on 7 March 1994 (the same day that Kilroy's BMW went missing), Rotherham replied, ‘dunt fucin staw t’owt mate, a’l brek tha nos’, and was included thereafter in the Oxford Dictionary of Literary Quotations (OUP, 1995).Unable to contain this not so surprising but altogether damaging revelation, severe revolts within the People's Army, (also known to foreign powers as the EDL) flocked to Red Sqaure, just across the road from Greggs and eventually staged a coup once they had received the full support and backing of the Workers Party of Korea(The DPRK had been supplying Rotherham with economic food aid and technological development aid since at least 2002).

Single resource rotherham

” Rotherham was formerly a member-state of the Socialist Workers' Republic of Yorkshire but declared unilateral independence in 1997 following the beginning of Moore's Cultural Revolution (see below).Like Princess Diana, it has been described as a vagina dentata.In 2003 the Sarlacc mercilessly consumed the nearby town of Doncaster and swore allegiance to J. Rowling, supreme uber-mistress of that shithole Leeds.Historians agree that the most immediate repercussion of Shaka’s concession was the onset of Moore’s ‘Great Rotherhamitian Cultural Revolution’, during which the Party strengthened its iron-grip on the collective by fusing it with a steel-titanium alloy.The ‘New Deal’ was instituted, giving subjects giro-bank slips if they would agree to inform upon all heretics and political dissidents (all of whom, it was scientifically proven, were Polish immigrants working in the car-wash industry).

Single resource rotherham

This event caused Derbyshire to spontaneously combust and can reportedly be seen from the moon in clear atmospheric conditions.Over the last decade, strategies suggested to appease the Sarlacc have included the sacrifice of young virgins (of which none can be found) and the composition of a ceremonial song which, bizarrely, is an exact replica of God Save the Queen.The nearby village of Thorpe Hesley plays host to Richard 'Chud' Carter, who for many years was 'H' in the Rotherham area's second best Steps tribute band.Since the camp pop career dried up, he has dedicated his life to fervent anti-mushroom campaigning, and can regularly be seen driving around the surrounding areas screaming "DIRTY MUSHROOMS!!!By night, individual Rotherhamites (or Chuffs) search for displaced Party members and legitimate father figures, before returning to bathe in Vodka Kick.

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Like Hogwarts and France, Rotherham is a hotbed for untreated recipients of Syphilis, which is described as a ‘Blessing in Disguise’ and commemorated by ‘Lesions on the Penis’ day, December 25.The ‘Glorious People’s Diktat’ of 1 Janurary 2007 promised to restore Rotherham’s status as regional leader within seven lunar cycles.This alien beast, with an estimated challenge rating of 35 and over twelve hundred hit points, is known to reside beneath the Tesco River, where buskers, preggo welfare-cheats and Kosovan asylum-seekers have been known to 'fall' into it.It's also thought that several key members were able to escape to the neighbouring principality of Canklow but these rumours are unconfirmed.In the following days since the coup, the government of North Korea has sent several delegates to provide political guidance to the new regime, setting up a permanent embassy next to the Job Centre Plus.

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