Single party hameln hefehof

All emergencies are situational but a likely situation is a crew member going into the water, a simple slip and fall can be potentially deadly in the spring.

If you have a member of your crew go overboard make sure to immediately throw anything that will float into the water, the throw ring, a PFD, a cooler, or whatever you can get your hands on .

Fishing during April and May in many parts of the Great Lakes means that we are fishing in water that is in the high 30s to low 40s.

This is a very dangerous and potentially deadly time of year, especially if something goes wrong and we end up in the water.

Single party hameln hefehof

The Coast Guard will worry about getting the information to the appropriate parties - so make sure you get the location information and identification out.How many of us equate this spring fever to fishing the Bering Sea?While we may not get 50 foot rogue waves I contend the most “deadly” part of the Deadliest Catch is water temperature, they are most worried about going into the water and so should we be.According to the United States Search and Rescue Task Force (USSARTF), “many of the fatal boating accidents occur in the ‘out-of-season’ months when the water is cold.” What should we expect if we or someone we know ends up in the cold water?“The first hazards to contend with are panic and shock.

Single party hameln hefehof

Cold hands cannot fasten the straps of a lifejacket, grasp a thrown rescue line, or hold onto an over-turned boat.Within minutes, severe pain clouds rational thought.The initial shock can place severe strain on the body, producing instant cardiac arrest” adds the USSARTF.“Survivors of cold water accidents have reported the breath driven from them on first impact with the water …Stop by your local Coast Guard unit and talk to someone there who can give you tips and tricks to making it happen.

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Regardless of the situation make sure to put your PFDs on if you’re not already wearing them.

Cut all your fishing lines, unfortunately people have been known to try to bring their tackle in.

Maneuver the boat in a safe approach to the victim, be careful with your props, and get them out of the water, depending on the time they have been in the water they may not be able to hold a line so be prepared to grapple them in some way; use a boat hook, tie a loop in a rope and lasso them, or grab them however you can.

And, finally, hypothermia (exposure) sets in, and without rescue and proper first aid treatment, unconsciousness and death.

“As with most critical situations, like cold water immersion, it is very important not to panic.

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