Single bacon burger mcdonalds

One of those “scratch my head and wonder” moments struck me a long time ago and I figured it would have a place here at Grub Grade to share and discuss.I’m sure some of you have thought about this exact topic.The least expensive burgers on the Mc Donald’s menu are the Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Mc Double and Double Cheeseburger. Just a little pocket change between slices of cheese and burger patties.One of the best values in the quick-serve industry. In my area, the Mc Donald’s regular Hamburger is currently 95-cents. Usually reserved for Happy Meals, the regular Hamburger is forgotten these days amongst so many other bigger burger choices.

Single bacon burger mcdonalds

Like the British military operations carried out in that remote corner of the world in 1982, there are minor flaws to the burger’s strategy.Nobody in their right mind would claim a single Mc Donald’s kids burger patty is substantial, but somehow, someway, the Grilled Onion Cheddar feels more substantial than a standard cheeseburger.For you military types, consider the cheese and grilled onion mixture your classic force multiplier, if you will.If you stare at the lights on in a 24-hour Micky D’s long enough in the wee hours of the morning you might argue that sun hasn’t really set.And Mc Donald’s burgers, much like Imperial Britain, have seen better days.

Single bacon burger mcdonalds

or one less slice of American cheese from the Double.The Mc Donald’s Double Cheesebuger: The old favorite of the Dollar Menu that once was. To make myself clear right off the bat, for the most part Mc Donald’s does it right. For the most part, fast food should be quick, easy and cheap in my opinion.Ever since a relaunch a few years ago which took the four-piece Mc Nuggets off the menu, I’ve been begrudgingly awaiting the day when the Mc Double or Mc Chicken would get bumped up to a 1.29 price tag.

Fortunately that hasn’t happened, and if Mc Donald’s latest addition to the menu proves anything, it’s that they can still be innovative with their burger concepts at cheap skate price points.

If we were to compare fast food burger chains to global powers – and seriously, why would we?

– then I’m apt to consider Mc Donald’s as somewhat akin to the British Empire.

Cheese tastes better than the usual insipid yellow stuff.

I can’t complain too much when it comes to Mc Donald’s prices, but sometimes I kind of scratch my head and wonder… Although Mc Donald’s still has me analyzing prices.

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