Guns and roses november rain single

It is about positive aspects like marriage, negative aspects like death, but most of all it is about the music.

Now I would certainly not call myself a fan of the band, but i am really surprised now that i watched this why the song and music video are held in such high esteem.

Guns and roses november rain single

It's probably the single greatest Video Music Awards in history.Dire Straits classic video clip for 'Money for Nothing', smash 1985 hit from the album "Brothers in Arms".The iconic video mixtures advanced animation technology and footage from the band ...Front-man Axl Rose, however, determined to change course despite the enormous success of their debut album, in favor of more commercial friendly, ballad-like music. "November Rain" was written well in advance; Axl wrote it on his piano in early 1980s, but never considered putting it on the Appetite album, maybe it wasn't as "heavy" as they liked it to be.Furthermore, much more distorted-sound "Sweet Child O' Mine" was already included so the band decided to do away with "November Rain" at the time.

Guns and roses november rain single

The night wrapped up with Gun N' Roses performing a nearly nine-minute "November Rain" with Elton John on piano.Axl Rose had been dodging homophobia accusations for years by this point, though he always went out of his way to praise Elton John.- this line is similar to that of Shakespeare's "Sonnet 116", which reads, " Love is not love / Which alters when it alteration finds." Both G N' R and Shakespeare is saying that over time love changes when the lovers find someone new/better. Guns and roses november rain single-56Guns and roses november rain single-13 In fact, "November Rain" has many similar thematic aspects to "Sonnet 116." We've been through this such a long, long time / Just trying to kill the pain - usual November rain consists of cold wind chills and even freezing rain.The influence of Elton's work, particularly his 1973 opus "Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding," is all over the two Rose inducted Elton into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

"For myself as well as others, no one has been there more for inspiration than Elton John," he said.

See full summary » A series of vignettes from different historical periods and some flights of imagination inter-cut with the band REM performing one of their greatest songs in a small room. See full summary » Peter Gabriel's video for his 1986 Billboard Hot 100 number one single, a collaboration with Aardman Animations which set new standards for the industry and became one of the most awarded videos in history.

As evidenced in the earlier scenes and a few moments after the solo, the wedding takes place on a monumental church, same place Slash is seen getting out to play his solo.

So it a great symbolism of what's about to come if the couple doesn't sort out their personal problems. - as my grandma used to say, time eventually heals all wounds.

So what this line means is that if the couple is in rough shape, spending time away from each other may be the best.

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