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A new type of comfort metering and control system will be introduced and a feasibility study of a potential of geo-thermal exchange and energy storage plant and possible construction will be realised.

In Helsingborg an innovative billing procedure was implemented by the municipal housing company to motivate tenants to save energy for space heating.

dating sider Helsingør

air tightness testing) would be carried out performed the best.In Helsingør, the aim is for a 30% reduction compared with present standards in the gross energy consumption for heating, hot water, lighting, ventilation and cooling in new eco-houses. beste sex dating Osnabrück Helsingør and Helsingborg aim to establish approximately 598 new eco-dwellings in total 74,820 m² with a saving of 25-35% in the energy consumption.In Helsingborg, the housing association played a determinant role to keep tenants motivated as the refurbishment project took place whilst the homes were occupied.The association paid for alternative accommodation if necessary during prolonged building work.

Dating sider Helsingør

There was a strong network of local stakeholders through a working group with access to consultants.Tenants management was carried out during retrofitting.Another important and effective tool in Helsinborg has been the creation of a strong network with Helsingor.The municipalities worked together on a strategic training event, where stakeholders involved in energy efficiency campaigns created a network and started up defining themes and a work procedure for energy savings campaigns towards end-user in the region In Helsingborg, the residential refurbishment projects (and also the new buildings) were all owned by one Housing Association (company owned by the municipality). In Helsingborg, an innovative billing procedure was implemented by the municipal housing company to motivate tenants to save energy for space heating.Fodboldsamarbejde Nordsjælland - Kontaktperson Udskriv side Kontaktperson - FSN Jens Larsen - mobil: 22268259Ungdomsformand Medlem af bestyrelsen Helsingør IF Fodbold Gl.

The cities of Helsingborg with 97,122 inhabitants and Helsingør with a population of 46,279 are separated by a mere 4 km stretch of water and a 20 minute ferry ride.Cooperations between the two cities are extensive in many fields.The municipality of Helsingborg wants to reduce total energy consumption per inhabitant by four percent by 2010 compared to 1990, while reducing fossil fuel input to the district heating and power system by 20% in the same period.Today, several passive house and low energy building neighborhoods have been erected in the ECOCity area of Helsingborg which has improved the life quality of the inhabitants in the social dwellings of Helsingborg.The objective of the janitors’ meeting was to inform local janitors of potential energy saving in public buildings. Contributions to the energy plan project meant that more activities in that project could have been done.

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