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Despite being connected to the "continent" of Zealand by a pair of relatively new bridges, Mon has retained its rustic, rural feel.Most people come to the island to admire the stunning white cliffs (the only ones in Denmark) and mediaeval churches with outstanding frescoes.

These days, the tiny population is made up of artists and fisherfolk (who pride themselves on the delicious spiced herring they produce).With all this water, it's hardly surprising that most Danish families seem to own a boat. dating dk anmeldelse Varde The protected waters along the south Funen coast make it an ideal spot for weekend yachters.Three popular sailing destinations are Drejo, Skaro and Hjorto, all 10-15km south-west of Svendborg.At 420 hectares, Drejo is the largest of the three and has a close-knit community of about 100 people and a handful of endangered fire-bellied toads.

Dating sex Christiansø

Tiny Hjorto also attracts lots of birds, but most people come for rest and relaxation.Only 15 people live on the island and there are no cars or motorbikes.The only thing you might feel obliged to do is to walk around the island but that takes only a couple of hours. dating sex Christiansø-56dating sex Christiansø-73dating sex Christiansø-55 If you don't have your own yacht, it is possible to visit these islands on a day trip via the small ferries from Svendborg.Ferries from Fredrikshavn on Jutland make the one-and-a-half-hour journey to Lso four times a day.

With Copenhagen just an hour's drive away, if you don't have much time in Denmark but want to experience the country's great outdoors, the undulating island of Mon is probably your best bet.

HAVE YOU ever dreamed of living on an idyllic green island where the neighbours are friendly, your children are safe, and a clean beach is just a short stroll away? In fact, the country's 406 islands make up almost half of the land area.

But the Danes are rather selective when it comes to the definition of an "island".

Lying 200km east of Copenhagen, beautiful Bornholm is the archetypal holiday island destination.

If you like to bask on a beach, head for Dueodde in the south where there's nothing but superb sands and a string of campsites.

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