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Various other previously used techniques and devices were instrumental as well, such as area bombing, Pathfinders, and H2S radar, which came together to work with particular effectiveness.An early form of chaff, code named 'Window', was successfully used for the first time by the RAF – clouds of tinfoil strips dropped by Pathfinders as well as the initial bomber stream – in order to completely cloud German radar.As a large port and industrial centre, Hamburg's shipyards, U-boat pens, and the Hamburg-Harburg area oil refineries were attacked throughout the war.

dating portal Hamburg

Überfallartige Lust auf heiße Schokolade habe ich normalerweise nur nach…On 24 July, at approximately , the first bombing started by the RAF and lasted almost an hour.The confusion caused to German radar kept losses of aircraft low.Other losses included damage to or destruction of 580 industrial concerns and armaments works, 299 of which were important enough to be listed by name. Bomber losses were high, 15.3% for the main group bombing that night. It was the first H2S radar-assisted attack of the war. The Pathfinders marked the wrong target, mistaking a mud bank for the docks with their H2S radar, so most of the bombs landed 13 miles downstream from the centre of Hamburg, around the small town of Wedel. Mission Number 67: 275 B-17 are to attack submarine pens and industrial areas of Hamburg and Bremen, but the primary targets are obscured by cloud so the bombers hit 167 bomb "targets of opportunity in NW Germany".Local transport systems were completely disrupted and did not return to normal for some time. Due to bad weather only 68 bombed in the target area. H2S use was not successful and the bombs were scattered. Those bombs which landed on Hamburg did considerable damage starting 100 fires, killing 27 people and injuring 95. 791 Halifaxes and Lancasters marked the opening of the "Battle of Hamburg" or so called "Operation Gomorrah raid".

Dating portal Hamburg

Another attack by the RAF on Hamburg for that night was cancelled due to the problems the smoke would cause and 700 bombers raided Essen instead. A third raid was conducted on the morning of the 26th.The RAF night attack of 26 July at was extremely light because of severe thunderstorms and high winds over the North Sea, during which a considerable number of bombers jettisoned the explosive part of their bomb loads (retaining just the incendiaries) with only two bomb drops reported.RAF Mosquitos of the Light Night Striking Force (LNSF) carried out nuisance raids to keep the city on a state of alert and delayed-action bombs from the night's raid exploded at intervals.Extra firemen were brought in from other cities including Hanover; as a result when the US bombers attacked, these firemen were in Hamburg and fires in Hanover burned unchecked.Wir, das sind übrigens Jule, Anni, Judith und unser Team.

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