Dating app danmark Lejre

Season 4 of Vikings begins on Amazon from 19th February 2016.Box sets of seasons 1-3 are available on Amazon or DVD.Klaus has also invented a porter with essence of toasted warship in honour of the Ladby grave, and a beer inspired by a figurine of a valkyrie, a female warrior in Norse mythology.There’s no need to be partial to essence of Viking to appreciate Klaus’ tasty beers – but I can think of one chef who would surely be a fan.

dating app danmark Lejre

You can pull levers from a body and see fake blood splatter it (illustrating the damage inflicted by an axe or a bow), you can peer into miniature longhouses, you can ascend to Viking heaven, Valhalla.Towards the end, an interactive family tree explains how 19 pretenders to the Danish throne were killed by family members in almost as many years.“Game of Thrones is nothing compared to Danish royalty,” grins the museum’s curator.He tells me about his pagan wedding ceremony – which are on the increase in Denmark – and how he met his wife at a re-enactment of a medieval fair.But the most surprising thing about Jesper Lynge is that he’s not all that surprising. Okay, so most Danes don’t walk around in leather tunics all day, but they do love – and I mean love – the Vikings.

Dating app danmark Lejre

I could be watching a scene from Vikings – the History Channel drama that chronicles the brutal exploits of Norse legend Ragnar Lothbrok – if this were not all taking place outside the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.In fact, it’s a cookery demonstration and the chap dressed head-to-toe in leather is Viking chef Jesper Lynge.As I gobble it from my wooden bowl, Jesper tells me he’s a fan of the TV drama but not the fussy costumes – “The Vikings were cooler”. dating app danmark Lejre-2 Jesper has a Viking-themed restaurant in Lindholm Høje, a Dark Ages settlement, but this clearly isn’t just a day job.In an old mill down the road from the burial mound is Munkebo microbrewery.

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