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Some time after their breakup, Kaji began working for Nerv in Germany, where he met Asuka Langley Soryu.Although a triple agent, he has been said to have his own agenda, to "search for the truth." Since returning to Japan, he has tried to get close to Misato once again.Grinning, he turns to Asuka and asks her opinions on Shinji, and she replies that he is boring and disappointing.

He and Misato Katsuragi were lovers when they were in college.Though some might read this particular belief as an accurate observation of human nature, it still fits with the rest of Kaji’s views of human interaction in general. dating plattform kostenlos Neuss Kaji has a melon patch which he enjoys taking care of, remarking on how much can be learned from nurturing something, and that it was a place where he’d like to be when he died.Misato seems very surprised, shocked, and displeased to see him.When Misato questions him on what he is doing here, he answers that he is accompanying Asuka and on a bussiness trip from Germany.

Date side Rebild

(Presumably a Seele agent.) Kaji originally had a relationship with Misato before the series took place, but Misato broke up with Kaji after realizing how much like her father he was, though Misato’s descriptions of her father as an emotionally weak workaholic seem to be the opposite of Kaji’s personality. Kaji's relationship with Misato may have been more distant than it appeared.When Kaji became aware that rescuing Fuyutsuki from Seele would be his last assignment, he left a message on her answering machine saying, “If I ever get to see you again, I'll say the words I wasn't able to say eight years ago.” Also, they always refer to each other by their family names.e Bay определяет трендовую цену с помощью модели обучения машины на основе цены продажи товара за последние 90 дней.Новые товары — это абсолютно новые, неиспользованные, нераспакованные и неповрежденные товары. Shinji looks up to Kaji as a sort of mentor, and accepts behavior in him that he would disapprove of in other characters.

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For instance, in Episode 08 when Kaji asks him about Misato's sleeping habits, implying that Shinji and Misato might be in a sexual relationship and simultaneously implying that he is intimately familiar with these habits as well, Shinji just laughs.

This might relate to the bleaker themes of the series, though Kaji himself presents it with a slight smile.

Kaji also is negative about the relationships between the sexes, stating that there is a river dividing men and women, one deeper than the ocean.

However, nothing revealed during the rest of the series ever implies that Kaji was seriously flirting with Ritsuko, and specifically flashbacks in Episode 21 to when Kaji, Misato, and Ritsuko were in college do not suggest anything of the kind.

Kaji is merely "fooling around" here, as he was when he flirted with Maya Ibuka later in the series.

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