Date side Gribskov

The forest is owned and administered by the State of Denmark.In July 2015, it was one of three forests included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, The par force hunting landscape in North Zealand.(мужчины — 20189, женщины — 20323; иностранные граждане — 1354).

date side Gribskov

Gribskov is separated by only a thin strip of Hillerød town in the south, from many larger woodlands like Store Dyrehave at 1,100 ha, Tokkekøb Hegn at 631 ha and several smaller woods.The forests is home to the largest populations of common goldeneye, green sandpiper and red-backed shrike in Denmark and near Nødebo at Lake Esrum, a noisy colony of great cormorants have found a home.Cormorants can be a problematic bird to administer locally, but it is to be protected in Denmark and is on list III in the Berne convention.This has already bettered the biological diversity and have had a direct positive influence on the living conditions of the birds in Gribskov.There are several interesting bodies of water in Gribskov, seen from both a scientific and folkloristic viewpoint: Store Gribsø (English: Large Grib-lake) or just Gribsø, is only a 10 ha lake, but is nevertheless the largest lake enclosed by Gribskov.

Date side Gribskov

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It is expected that Gribskov will comprise more semi-natural woodland of deciduous trees in the future.

The forest of Gribskov offers a rare opportunity to observe free roaming deer of all the four species living in Denmark.

The forest is growing in a hilly terrain (by Danish standards), with lower lying areas in the east and west.

The low lying areas are dominated by beech and oak, but with several forest types mixed in, like wood pastures or old coppice woodland with alder and ash for example.

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