Bergan single poncho

The Bergan Deluxe Poncho Double Seat Protector is ideal for the dog owner that leads an active lifestyle and needs a durable, convenient cover to transport their pet.This simply designed protector allows for quick and easy fitting whenever you need it.Today we still primarily serve the market concentrated in the North-Eastern part of North America, an area that boasts one of the largest concentrations of athletes anywhere in North America.Our services work especially well with Destination-Event properties where athletes from Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa and South-Western Ontario are just a short flight away from over 6 different airports.

We also set funny mascot-running Guinness Records (look up Jefferson Mascot Marathon) that created a world wide following, so creativity and marketing FUN has become our middle name. originally established a presence in old-fashioned marketing, we decided to keep offering some of these services into our 15th season.2017 not only represents a great milestone looking back but also an exciting time moving forward that we hope include new clients, partners and sponsors with us. komplett kostenlos flirten München Perfect for pets, camping, sports, yardwork, and more! The Heavy Duty (HD) is constructed from waterproof 600D material and is always machine washable.Clients such as the Cleveland Marathon, Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa and the Key West Half Marathon continue to use our online, digital services. has remained a fully-owned Canadian company, that also spun-off an Events Company in 2014 (Good Times Running Inc), web marketing companies (My Next in 2004 and in 2015 the acquisition of Road Race, and consulting services for any and all companies, races, brands or events interested in targeting Generation Active.We have a strong and successful Sports Marketing Internship program that works closely with Humber, Durham and George Brown Colleges as well as foreign-language schools in downtown Toronto who work with (mostly) Japanese and Korean students here on academic exchanges.

Bergan single poncho

From here your future customer is only 1 click away from registering and you stand out. We are now Canada’s number one supplier in this category.This strategy has been implemented by many for-profit and non-profit companies.Securing to the headrests, this double seat protector is compatible with side airbags and fits all front and rear bench seats, large or small, protecting them from any dirt or hair that your canine companion may bring in with them. Bergan single poncho-64Bergan single poncho-11 The ultra-soft microfibre top is absorbent and gives your dog a breathable, comfortable place to rest after their walk, whilst the waterproof backing protects your car's upholstery.The Deluxe (DX) is made from a soft, super absorbent top and waterproof backing – kind of like a towel, but way better!

Both models fit any seat with a headrest and are compatible with side impact air bags.

Ad sizes vary and can be vertical, horizontal and a wide range of sizes to suit your artwork.

We can also assist for an extra design fee where needed. And has been for decades, We have many options available to suit any budget.

Limited availability creates great value for our Home page Featured events on our new MNR site. To make your choices somewhat easier, our most popular packages are listed below.

You will be seen right away and the user will be guided directly to your listing full of content provided by you, including Images, Photos and Videos. As they say it can take 6-7 impressions to make a sale! Use your existing race entry forms, pledge forms, or postcards, and have our team hit the street.

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