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The architecture of all four fortresses is uniform and strictly symmetrical, as clearly illustrated by the circular shape of the fortifications and the location of the gates at the four points of the compass - apparently without regard to the terrain.Individual elements of the property and their mutual relationship, including to the landscape: The fortresses are all located in landscapes typical of their respective regions, in river valleys and relatively close to the coast.At both Trelleborg and Fyrkat, extensive nature restoration projects have been conducted over the last decade in order to recreate the natural conditions prevailing at the time of the fortresses.Dendrochronological tests and C14 tests have shown that the Trelleborg fortresses were built around 980.But the fortresses probably did not last very long, perhaps only 10 to 20 years.

Bedste dating sites Slagelse

The component parts cover a wide temporal and spatial range. They include trading towns, harbours, defensive structures, production sites, burial monuments, and assembly sites.Viewed as a whole these sites bear witness to the extent of Viking social and cultural development.Part of transnational serial nomination Aggersborg N56 59 43, E9 15 17; Fyrkat N56 37 23, E9 46 13; Trelleborg N55 23 39, E11 15 55 The Viking serial nomination comprises land-, sea- and townscapes stretching from the North Atlantic to the Baltic Sea. bedste dating sites Slagelse-62 Among the thousands of Viking sites from the eighth to the twelfth centuries AD, these nine nominated properties from six nations are outstanding examples representing the wide diversity of this early maritime culture.The original ramparts consisted of a complex oak-wood structure with an inner skeleton and outer lathing.

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