Abenteuer date Wolfsburg

This kid, and the WSU Cougars, are now international superstars!

Funnily enough, my favorite part about this is the guy to the left of the kid, he just appears out of nowhere and honestly looks like he was photo-shopped into the scene.

In London, a soon to be UW freshman shouted it out.Auf unglaublichen 22.000 m² wartet ein einmaliges Spiel, Spaß- und Sportangebot auf Ihren Besuch. casual dating secret Braunschweig Freuen Sie sich auf den nächsten Aufguss in der Panoramasauna, lassen Sie den Alltag auf der Massageliege hinter sich oder entspannen Sie sich im 36 Grad warmen Wasser unseres Warmsprudelbades.But, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to say that they may have to have asterisks next to them (this is the reason for the ? I will let you decide for me whether these should be legitimate “GO COUGS! So with both of them, one at the castle in Heidelberg and the other in the Tower of London (which is really just a castle), they were shouted by Huskies.In Heidelberg, an older couple wearing Seattle Sounders uniforms, in Germany for the World Cup, confessed to me that they were UW alumni. Their daughter will be a sophomore at WSU this coming year!

Abenteuer date Wolfsburg

Man, that was a tough way to end it, but it was one hell of a game.Anyway, you may have seen this after the US scored their first goal…We were taken and shown some different places like a non-denominational room where members of parliament and the staff can come and practice their religion. abenteuer date Wolfsburg-59abenteuer date Wolfsburg-11 We also saw a really cool piece of art, a little hallway that resembles an archive with all of the names of the members of parliament since its creation in the 1870s. The parliament members that appear from 1949-1989 were members of the West German Parliament.We then were able to sit in the gallery of the room where the Bundestag meet.

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I got a really cool picture with my Cougar flag and a couple fellow Cougs, but someone else has the camera that the picture was on and hasn’t uploaded it to facebook yet, so when that happens, I will be sure to share it with you all.

We had to go through a few things of security to get in, and being a special group, got to take the “fast pass lane” as I like to think of it.

Once inside, we took a tour of parts of the Reichstag.

The original dome was destroyed during the Second World War, and it now has a glass dome that is in stark contrast with the old exterior, hence the modernism.

The Reichstag was hardly used from 1933-1945 (Hitler had little use for a parliament) and still from 1945-1990 (It was in West Berlin, mere meters from East Berlin, but the Capitol of West Germany was Bonn) it had no parliamentary meetings.

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